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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

I have been around for too long. I have insured things nautical and private and business for 40 plus years. I have had mostly good experiences with claims. Some excellent some good, and only two shockers. Both shockers were I think caused by the individual appointed by the insurers to asses the claim. If you don't like the look of the appointee, ask for another.
However, if you are offered a policy with a Lloyds company called Haven Knox Johnson you will find the premiums cheap, but in my view you should consider very carefully before you insure with them

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Hi Colin,
We go through a broker and the insurance eventually ends up with Lloyds.
Very few restrictions....single handing was on the list and they came back with some stupid deal of only daytime and no more than 100nm. Well I went back to the broker and said come on that's ridiculous, where am I going to sail in the Pacific that fits that...he said, well tell me what you want...OK, for example Port Vila to Noumea...that's few hundred miles and a couple of overnights.
He came back with OK agreed to that but your policy excess will double for single handing.
Of course I've never had to make a claim on this policy but I must say the broker is always co-operative in finding solutions....I have known him a long time.
I did investigate Pantaneus Australia some time ago, but they had some funny clauses I seem to remember and were quite expensive, but they had only just started then.
As for rigging, my insurance doesn't have a 10 year requirement, but I had all the standing rigging replaced last year as it was 12 years old....didn't show any signs of fatigue, but, as a precaution I did it any way.
Elyse SM437

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