Re: Is a Monohull (AMEL) the right choice?


Whew. What a debate.
There are so many considerations which are not objective. Personally I prefer the motion of a monohull so I can't see going with the cat. And I certainly don't trust some of the production cats the way I can an Amel. I got asked to help deliver a cat from La Paz to Puerto Rico with a good friend. I couldn't accept due to scheduling conflicts but on that delivery the furniture broke loose from the hull and things were a real mess. The captain was a guy I've sailed many miles with and trust implicitly. He's not the guy who pushes a boat too hard. 

I think what you may want to do is not buy a big cruising boat right off the bat. Get something smaller to learn about sailing and cruising. I'm thinking something along the lines of a 40' monohull. Don't take this the wrong way, but if you're wondering if you should buy an Amel 54 or a 50' catamaran, you may not be ready for either. 

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