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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Dave,
good to see you up again. Cant agree though. We have progressed through monohulls from 26 ft to 30 ft to 42 ft and then 53 ft.. The Amel Super Maramu is by FAR the easiest to sail. Ask my wife. Yes we are very experienced but its not the experienced that makes it easy, its the comprehensive design. It was designed for a couple to sail around the world SAFELY and Amel did a superb job. As I age (I must eventually) there is no way Ill go down to a 40 footer, we own the easiest boat to sail..... on the planet, (in my opinion)
SM 299 Ocean Pearl

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Whew. What a debate.
There are so many considerations which are not objective. Personally I prefer the motion of a monohull so I can't see going with the cat.. And I certainly don't trust some of the production cats the way I can an Amel. I got asked to help deliver a cat from La Paz to Puerto Rico with a good friend. I couldn't accept due to scheduling conflicts but on that delivery the furniture broke loose from the hull and things were a real mess. The captain was a guy I've sailed many miles with and trust implicitly. He's not the guy who pushes a boat too hard. 

I think what you may want to do is not buy a big cruising boat right off the bat. Get something smaller to learn about sailing and cruising. I'm thinking something along the lines of a 40' monohull. Don't take this the wrong way, but if you're wondering if you should buy an Amel 54 or a 50' catamaran, you may not be ready for either. 

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