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Olivier Beaute

Hello John,

you need to drill the rivets in order to release the furler (with manual furling sheave) from the foil.
Then, at a mechanic workshop, the sheave can be extracted from the stainless steel shaft thanks to a hydraulic press.
If the motor runs free, the bronze gear teeth are probably worn out. You will see that if you find  golden dust/particles in the grease, when you remove the motor. If the gear is OK, then the key between the motor's shaft and the worm screw may be damaged.
AMEM may not have the bronze gear anymore, but you should be able to have one machined at a good mechanic workshop.

Good luck.


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Morning Bill (well it is here),

Wondered if you or anyone else out there might have advice on how to remove the fibreglass encased gearbox from the headsail furler?

We had a couple of days being knocked about by 50 knot winds coming down NZ’s east coast and the fuller failed. The motor is fine and works so the issue is in the gearbox or its worm drive.

We have no drawings and the disc spinner above the gear box (for furling by rope) wont detach after removing what seem to be the fixing nuts. Is it necessary to drill out the rivets ??

How does one detach the gearbox from the forestay foil?

Any help gratefully received 

John Hayes

 Nga Waka Santorin hull 41 

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Main furl and outhaul motors are the same on your SM. Genoa furler motor is different. These SM motors rarely fail. But sometimes require cleaning and brush replacements. The gearboxes on the Main furler and outhaul will probably fail before the motors, but you can probably get double the life that you have in those gearboxes by adding a method to grease the gearboxes. Two tapped holes normally filled with nylon screws, which for greasing once a year, are removed. One hole is then temporarily fitted with a grease fitting, the other hole is overflow. Pump grease until you have overflow. Remove the grease fitting and replace the nylon screws.  Search photos on this website for photos of this.
For motors, brushes for the motors and gearboxes write SAV"at"AMEL.FR. Include your hull number and it is always a good idea to include a photo of specifically what you want. Give them a list with photos and ask for availability and price. They will take a credit card.
Bill Rouse
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Peter Pappas here Supermamu2000 #369. I am looking to purchase spares for the Genoa Furling Motor, the Main Furling Motor, and the Main Out Haul motor. Are these all the same motor or do I need to purchase all three separately. Thanks for your help

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