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James Alton


   Thanks for listing the work that you did on your Perkins along with some areas where you encountered problems.  It appears that tadiesels  (.com) carries replacement exhaust manifolds for the 4-154 but they are not listing a price.  I have sent them an inquiry.  I also came across an upgraded rear oil seal for this engine which is supposed to replace the original rope style that is said to be prone to leakage.  The rear seal on my engine is currently not leaking but I think that your suggestion to replace all seals possible while the engine is out to be good advice. 

   Before pulling my engine, I will also do a compression test.  Also since my engine only has a buzzer and a lite for oil pressure I will hook up a gauge to check those readings as well.

   I have not yet found anyone that sells a serpentine belt upgrade for the 4154 but I have some inquiries out on that one as well.  It is really good to hear that you feel that keeping your original engine was a good decision.  

   May I ask about  how many hours that you have on your engine now?


James Alton
SV Sueno,  Maramu #220
Sardinia,  Italy


On Feb 3, 2017, at 6:29 AM, Andy Croney allezaubon@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...> wrote:

Hi James,

We carried out the work back in 2014.

We decided to keep and refurbish our Perkins, after we removed it to fix an oil leak to the front of the engine and after the compression test the mechanic advised us to go along this route. However we did underestimate the time it would take to source and get all the necessary parts and do the work - our Perkins was built under license in North America and has some exotic bolt threads to the oil filter holders. These bolts were difficult to source in our part of the world.

The following is not exhaustive and from memory, basically with the engine out we tried to replace all hoses, cables , gaskets , seals ( oil seal, intake and exhaust manifold gaskets , valve cover and oil pan gaskets , rear housing and head gaskets , water pump gasket etc ) pumps , thermostat, injectors plus housings around the engine block - - from timing gear housing and cover , water pump back housing. We also installed a new lift pump , crankshaft pulley , tappets and valves etc - Heat Exchanger tube stack and rubber fittings plus New engine mounts. The motto being this is the time to do it. 

We also added two new Balmar alternators one dedicated to charge the start battery and one the house bank , the house bank charging alternator with a double pulley.

One thing we did not replace was the Heat Exchanger housing . This decision has come back to haunt me as on our last trip the manifold blew a hole - I am now in the process of sourcing a new housing ...... in hindsight this should have been replaced when the engine was out. 

To date we are happy with our decision and believe the Perkins to be a simple , over engineered workhouse, where parts should be readily available for some time to come.

Trust this is helpful.

Should you need any images let me know and I can forward these to your personal email.

Good luck !!

Paladin Maramu #75

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