Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Rub rail - aft


Hello Joel,
Many thanks for taking the time to reply, it is much appreciated.
I've attached another photo that may be helpful.  If you look carefully you may seen the 'line' of the last repair with the new damage 'line' appearing further aft.  Cracks also appear longitudinally (fore and aft) in the same area (in the drain), although this is much less obvious. 
I can't repair these myself, the yard does it for me. I can only sail, and could do better at that. :-)  I'm guessing they probably repair with a gel coat, coloured to match existing.
I don't believe that this relates to impact damage.  It always reappears at the same place, port and starboard and to be honest the boat is docked stern to, so these areas aren't really prone to damage in my absence.  The photo is obviously of the starboard side, the port side does not have a cable and gland but still suffers the same issue at the same time.  I believe the port side may leak into the gas locker. 
I kind of guessing that you may be inferring that it is being repaired with the wrong material?
Best wishes Mac

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