replacing seal on the rudder

Giovanni TESTA

Hi to all,

I replaced the 3 seal, 4 months ago, with spares from Amel.

I tried to follow all suggestions from Group (Bill,Richard), I didn’t add any paste/grease.


After a little leakage I turned  the nut 1/6 .  After to Madagascar passage from La Reunion, again little leakage. Again a new 1/6 turn, not to hard.

 After to South Africa passage and sailing South, along East  South Africa coast, again new leakage. I turned 1/6 more (a bit hard to turn), but now I have some drops also without sailing, tied up to Algoa Yacht Club, Port Elisabeth !

First question: is it possible to replace the seals  without hauling out ?

Do you know a good  technician support  from Port Elisabeth to Cape Town ?

Any suggestions about my mistakes ?

Many thanks in advance

Giovanni Testa


SM2K n428

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