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It is quite possible to replace the packing made of 3 similar parts ("étoupe" in French,t hey are not called "seals") as long as you are stopped in a flat sea.

You need 3 lengths of 20cm (about 8") with all 6 ends sharpen like a pencil (French says "en biseau")

It is quite normal to have small leaks during the first sailings after this change.
You should check regularly and screw some more until leaks stop.

You sates that the last turn was hard to effect but do you have the special tool to screw the nylon nut?

Procedure to replace the packing stuff of the rudder stock.



 -Undo the rudder stock

 -Undo the stainless steel hinge locking the nut

 -Unscrew the nylon nut

 -Take out the old packing stuff using a screw driver (Caution! Do not damage the thread).

 -Replace with the new ones:

1-Put the first one in position and press it as much as you can

2-Put the second one in position (with the joint at 30° more than the first one). Press as much as you can.

3-Put the third one in position (with the joint at 30° more than the 2nd one). Press again as much as you can.

 -Screw back the nylon nut slowly.

Good luck


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Hi to all,

I replaced the 3 seal, 4 months ago, with spares from Amel.

I tried to follow all suggestions from Group (Bill,Richard), I didn’t add any paste/grease.


After a little leakage I turned  the nut 1/6 .  After to Madagascar passage from La Reunion, again little leakage. Again a new 1/6 turn, not to hard.

 After to South Africa passage and sailing South, along East  South Africa coast, again new leakage. I turned 1/6 more (a bit hard to turn), but now I have some drops also without sailing, tied up to Algoa Yacht Club, Port Elisabeth !

First question: is it possible to replace the seals  without hauling out ?

Do you know a good  technician support  from Port Elisabeth to Cape Town ?

Any suggestions about my mistakes ?

Many thanks in advance

Giovanni Testa


SM2K n428

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