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Judy: I will keep it on the forum as requested. I just didn't want to
bore anybody.

I have used your old board to verify some of what I have written. I
have not attempted to fix it because I didn't have access to a 220 VAC
50 Hz power supply for testing, but now that I know that the board
doesn't take 220 volts, I just need to verify the correct input voltage
and perhaps I can repair yours. Or at the very least I can bypass the
power supply part and verify the logic/relays work.

On another note, I am now on page 8 of a Users Guide, including
troubleshooting, photos of all components and specifications. I will
post parts of it in the files section as it is complete. Please note
any ammendments (notated in the header) when referencing this
item as it is a work in progress. I have already updated the file
entitled Logic Board Schematic.pdf to reflect the discoveries of

The NAIS JSI-12v relays on the logic board are $1.49 USD each and
the T1 & T2 voltage regulators (Motorola 7812CT and 7805CT) are
$0.39 USD each I just ordered ten of each for spares and trouble

Happy sailing Judy,


"Judy" <sailingjudy@...> wrote:

Gary and Ed,

I have been reading all of your posts with keen interest and am trying
to produce a troubleshooting guide with all of the info.

I would appresciate it if you kept your posts on the Amel forum, or if
not, copy me at KE5FTK at


Bill Rouse s/v BeBe SM2 #387
sailing with Captain Judy in Curacao

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