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Giovanni TESTA

Hi to all,

I did the job.

This the synthetic weights location :

bow: 2 anchors, 2 sails in right locker,  I added 4 jerrycans 20lt each

stern: no roll-bar, no solar pannels,no wind generator.

On the after deck : alluminium dinghy 2.90 mt +8 HP

Stern  locker: bicycle, 1 genoa, 1 gennaker, 1 folding  Zodiac 3.10 mt

Fuel tank : 580 lt. Water tank: 300 lt

External conditions : evident swell inside the harbour, so no flat water.  20 knt from stern so little choppimg against the stern.

In these conditions the water level was some mm under  the top seals . So no water when I removed the nut.

I decided not to replace the 5 months old seals. I removed the nut only to better check possible problems with the threads. It was all ok.

I followed Italian Amel dealer’s advice and  I added, over  the seals, a layer of blu grease (for HB) than I turned the nut 1/6 more than before. I didn't kill the nut, only to stay in right position with the safety little steel block. 
I used the Budget Marine adjustable wrench, it works properly only if all the connections and plate are removed. ASAP I ll buy the fix special tool.

Before, with the boat not sailing, I had very little leakage . Sailing, wind and swell, half glass h24-

We ll see on next passage to Mossel Bay _170 mg….crossing fingers.

Many tanks to all, to the next update.

Buon Vento






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