Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Is a Monohull (AMEL) the right choice?

Porter McRoberts <portermcroberts@...>

I thought they all did too. Is first owner didn't want the weight. But to me doesn't seem particularly weighty. What could hey weigh 75-100 lbs?  Max?  
I like the idea of redundancy but before I add the second windlass I'd though I'd test the concept against the crew. If really not necessary then I'd not add. What's the benefit of 2? 
Thanks and fair winds!  

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Hello Porter,

We have only one windlass on our Super Maramu. 
We have never had two anchors off the bow, even though we carry a second anchor in the stbd fwd locker. 
As Eric, one or two occasions we've had a stern anchor out...we have a Fortress for that.
Doesn't your Amel 54 have two windlasses ? I thought they all did unless yours is a VERY early one.
Elyse SM437

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