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The exact location isn't  very critical--unless you put it somewhere that damages a transducer or thru-hull fitting.

Amel's recommendation is at the mizzen upper chainplates for the aft strap. The only thing that can go bad here is if it got hung up on the prop, but that would be very unlikely.

The forward strap goes FORWARD of the main upper chainplates, about even with the hatch over the forward head to avoid interference with the sonic speed sensor which is about even with the main upper shroud chainplates and depth transducer which is just aft of that overhead hatch. (at least on my boat!)

The last time we were lifted, the boat wouldn't quite fit that way in the lift, so we put the forward strap just forward of the keel, and aft of the upper chainplate.  Cleared the speed sensor and it worked fine.

Our boat came with some great drawings of the hull with strap locations indicated, and just as important, places where the straps would be a problem are clearly marked. Handing a copy of that to the lift operator makes it easy even if we lack a common spoken language.  Lacking such a drawing, a photo of the boat safely in the slings is a good idea for the next time.

If you avoid the sensors forward of the keel, everything else is really quite simple.

The SM2K manual has a photo of the boat with the thru-hull locations marked.  That is a good start.

Bill Kinney
SM#160 Harmonie
Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands.

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The Amel Manual doesn't specifically note the recommended locations of the lifting straps (when under the hull).  The last time I had it hauled that's where we put the straps though.  

Is there a better location for them?

Wanderer, SM#477

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