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Hi Bill. A buddy of mine who is an aircraft A&P recently bought that one or something similar which was OK in broad daylight which is to say it was near useless when used as intended. A lighting system is essential to make these tools useful.


I am very trepidatious when considering stuff from Harbor Freight in the USA as a lot of it is substandard Chinese junk which doesn’t last. I did buy a CEN-TECH 61838 hi-res digital video inspection camera/borescope from them for $129 on sale. Great tool. Fully adjustable lighting, zoom, video recording chip with export to external monitor/computer using supplied USB cord. I use it for about an hour on each Amel boat  I am sizing up for listing for sale. A good look at  difficult to access areas which can manifest evidence of concern, or worse, saves a lot of grief that can come if discovered during the buyers survey. I use it for all kinds of other stuff, including looking into the motor on my Formula Ford after each event to see if something bad is about to happen. Looking for evidence of critters in concealed areas in the attic and eaves. I was even able to size up a closed/wasted area in our kitchen to determine a wine cooler fridge could fit in this dead space. THAT more than paid for it!


Could not be happier as it does everything well, unlike similar and often more expensive units I also considered. I found that everything under $100 was not a worthy purchase but admit I quit looking after the first few I tried were not suitable.


Hope this helps.




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I just saw this endoscope for your phone. Does anyone have this?


I do not have one of these, but?? It is too bad that it does not have a light on the camera end. I can think of numerous times I would have used this. I wonder if the quality is there?? But for $20, maybe it is a worthwhile risk.







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