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I am back aboard. (Jerusalem was great!) Couple of things.

First, all of my voltage measurements were referenced to Pin 1 ground.

Second, I noticed that my board does not have the C1 capacitor, just
the rectifier.
I retested the voltage on Pin 5 and determined that it is 24V DC. I
measured and confirmed continuity between both Pin 4 and Pin 5 and
the output positive terminal of the rotary switch with Plug 1
disconnected from the board. That is, there is NO AC going to my
control board. Except for the missing C1, my board looks just like
your photo.

Thanks for your diagnosis of the failed T1 and fried RY1, RY2, RY3
relays. This is what I had surmised. However, we have no chance of
getting replacement parts for months yet.

I have now have components for my "manual control" box and will hook
this up today and make sure everything works.

That is great news about the new Dessalator board that actually does
what it is supposed to do. Do they have a name or part number for it?
Did you get it from Amel or Dessalator?


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Judy: I will keep it on the forum as requested. I just didn't
want to
bore anybody.

I have used your old board to verify some of what I have written.
have not attempted to fix it because I didn't have access to a 220
50 Hz power supply for testing, but now that I know that the board
doesn't take 220 volts, I just need to verify the correct input
and perhaps I can repair yours. Or at the very least I can bypass
power supply part and verify the logic/relays work.

On another note, I am now on page 8 of a Users Guide, including
troubleshooting, photos of all components and specifications. I
post parts of it in the files section as it is complete. Please
any ammendments (notated in the header) when referencing this
item as it is a work in progress. I have already updated the file
entitled Logic Board Schematic.pdf to reflect the discoveries of

The NAIS JSI-12v relays on the logic board are $1.49 USD each and
the T1 & T2 voltage regulators (Motorola 7812CT and 7805CT) are
$0.39 USD each I just ordered ten of each for spares and trouble

Happy sailing Judy,


"Judy" <sailingjudy@> wrote:

Gary and Ed,

I have been reading all of your posts with keen interest and am
to produce a troubleshooting guide with all of the info.

I would appresciate it if you kept your posts on the Amel forum,
or if
not, copy me at KE5FTK at


Bill Rouse s/v BeBe SM2 #387
sailing with Captain Judy in Curacao

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