Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Smoking Gun...

John Clark

Hi Porter and Bill...and everyone,
I have been off line getting acclimated to SM37 in Martinique. Just this week getting time to pop my head up.

Porter aren't you looking at a newer Amel with the Yanmar engine? It might behave differently. My Volvo TMD22 does not smoke at all ever. That said the SM berthed next to me has a black sooty smear all over the side of boat...Amel mechanical have been working on it all week...smoke is probably not good..but if it is only at start up it may not be critical.

Dave "our" surveyor was concerned when the generator put out a puff and a bit of oil sheen when started during survey. ..but we learned the genny had not been run in three months. He was ok with it. Never saw either again.

Regards, John
Vent de Soleil. SM37
Le Marin

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