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Alexandre Uster von Baar

Good afternoon Jeff,

Do you happen to have direct links to the articles on “Marine Law” or “Maritime Law”, as I am a bit short on time (have to work) an on top of that have serious back pain…
I am also considering only taking Liability.

Sincerely, Alexandre


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Date: Thursday, February 23, 2017, 12:08 PM


Alexandra,If you have some free time, and
the inclination to verify your paragraph regarding lawyers
and insurance companies trying to justify less reimbersment,
google marine law, limitation of liability. You'll learn
why maritime insurance companies are protected in many ways
that most would find outrageous. It will discuss the
historical precedents and the "why" limited
liability exists.In
the Maritime legal world, there is no such thing as a slam
dunk situation (you seem to have found out, unfortunately),
regardless of what the circumstances would appear to reveal
to the rational mind, and a reasonable person.There aren't a lot of poor
insurance brokers. I wonder why? They're selling you peace
of mind, but when you need them, often the payoff is nothing
but disappointment.My insurance is coming up for
renewal, and the thread you good folks have engaged in will
get a renewed focus from me. I saved it for later digestion.
It's a topic that, for me, is like going to get a tooth
pulled. You know you gotta get it done, but you would rather
not go there.Fair
Winds to All,Jeff
Spirit Amel 54 #14

On Thu, Feb 23, 2017 at 10:22 AM, Alexandre
Uster von Baar [amelyachtowners]


Definitely true.

I can’t resist mention I purchased my insurance from
DeLassee base on the forum, if I never had a claim I would
have advertise them.

But I had an accident (my boat is ins its slip at the marina
- another boat looses control hit me, then he owner panic
put full reverse and destroyed the bow pulpit).

While “my” insurance recognized I was a “zero”
fault, they deem not worth pursing the other insurance…

They also never sent an expert to help assessing the damaged
(while the other insurance did for the other boat).

At the end between the “vetuste” (not being new) I
received 1/4 of the total damages.

Not to mention, they said the estimate for the repair quote
($20.000) was too much, took them 3 months to get me someone
else for the same amount… (delay and cost at my expense).

I was told nowadays insurers are more like “lawyers”
with the way they handle cases, will always find something
somewhere not to reimbursed.

And I totally believe that even with several crews onboard,
insurance will find ways to justify less reimbursement.

Talking with Y Yacht insurance, I told them I was often make
fun of because I have “30” fenders onboard racing from
8” to 21” diameter which I use in marina as well as
anchor (if I have neighbors).

My reason is simple: too many times I see people not knowing
what they do, plus the so called “local captain”
(smelling beer 3ft away) delivering boat and who couldn’t
care less (not too long ago, one used the corner of the
concrete dock to pivot/rotate the boat…), and of course
there is always the possibility that “I” will be at
fault because current or wind are against me.

Fenders are a lot less expensive than deductible or/and



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In my experience we all compare

prices of insurance without really being able to

compare everything we are buying. So, in most cases we

up buying from the low-cost provider, and/or because the

policy has clauses that are meaningful to us, such as

hurricane coverage. 


certainly did not buy our Amels based on Amel being a

low-priced boat that does one thing. Also, most of us

will not know what we have bought until we have to make

claim. I never had to make a claim. So, in my 16+ years

experience all of the carriers I had were great...they

accepted my money.


"single handed" coverage, I believe that

regardless of whether the vessel has 1 or 6 crew, if

is any indication that an accident occurs because of

not maintaining a proper watch, or if there is any

indication that the boat is not being operated safely

maintained properly, your insurance company will refuse

pay a claim.

It is too bad

that there is not a member of this group that could

the reliability and safety record of Amel and the

power of this group's membership to provide a

policy written just for Amel owners. Is there someone in

this group that has the experience to put this together?


On Thu, Feb 23, 2017 at

6:56 AM, Alexandre Uster von Baar




Good morning Bill,

The liability is for 3 million Euro (mu current insurance

7 million euro).

Ho yes, I can’t believe the difference between

that quoted me for 7.000 Euro (or $7500)

My current insurance which is 3700 Euro (or $3900)

And Y Yacht insurance which 2400 Euro (or $2600).

Therefore Y Insurance is the strictest regarding

during named storm, there is no coverage unless you are on

crate in specific location.

Sincerely, Alexandre

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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Insurance (2016/7) -

handed coverage??

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Date: Thursday, February 23, 2017, 6:45 AM




that quote for hull insurance only?  or did it include

liability coverage as well? 

That is about what we pay for our

Pantaneous policy, just for hull insurance.  US$3M

liability adds another $1200 per annum.

It is fascinating to me to see the

differences in terms and pricing even between policies

written by the same company.  It just reinforces the


to shop and negotiate for your own situation, and not


on anecdotal comments from others to decide what works


you.  Although those anecdotes can sure help with the

negotiation :)

Bill KinneySM#160

HarmonieMayaguez, Puerto




com, <uster@...> wrote


Good morning,

Just to add information to the subject.

I requested a quote from Y Yacht Insurance.

for 280.000 Euro vessel ($300.000) the premium is 2400


($2600) for cruising area (Easter) Caribbean Lat 9N to


and Long 58W to 68W PLUS the ABC (Aruba, Bonaire and


There is NO coverage between June and November during

windstorm name, unless the vessel is:

-In the water Chaguaramas (Trinidad) or the ABC

-Ashore in Grenada or Antigua on the One piece purpose


crate (deductible is increase to 6000 Euro)

-In the new Marina in Fort De France, in double slip


all lines double (deductible is increase to 6000 Euro)

-Solo is limited to 18 hours.

We have been talking back and forth, I mentioned my


are always double, explain how many fenders I use, etc.


they would consider adding the Anse Marcel with triple



I am seriously considering using them once my current

insurance expires.

Sincerely, Alexandre


Harbor View Marina, Tortola, BVI

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