Re: Popping sound from Thomson clothes washer

Ahoy Kent,

I hope you can get it fixed.

Otherwise, I'd like to share my findings on the subject of these washers.  The Thomson is probably one of the nicer models from 15 years ago for what is simply the "old standard" small-apartment washer/dryer in South Europe.  Newer apartments, even if small, often install larger front-load units similar to those that have now become common in the U.S.

Replacements for the Thompson are usually €500 (unless of the "Miele" brand —see below), though on sale you can basic models for about €300.  These can be found everywhere in Spain (but not in Portugal, I think), France, and Italy.  I have the impression you can't get them in North Europe, but I might be wrong.

Can you get one in Martinique?  Never been there, but even if unavailable, one should be able to order one from mainland France, at some cost and patience.

You can also get one, get this, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 230V-only: Miele has a global megayacht program, and will happily supply you one for about $2500, with a world-wide warranty.  Which is only a $1000 markup over the exact same Miele you can buy in Spain, and which retails for €1,000 (basic model) to €1,400 (bells/whistles).

Bill Rouse replaced his Thomson when he was in Spain, and it was probably a wise decision given his circumstances.


SM2K N. 350
Venice, Italy

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