Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Insurance - More comments & Group Insurance Question

Dominique Guenot

I insured S/V Viva with Panteanius 20 months ago after trying to work with French Insurance brokers/ French insurance companies to no avail. I always felt I was not insured. In addition there was so many limitations in the geographical scope for a round the world tour. 

As far as I know by reading contracts and internet:

Insurance laws and markets are historically very different in France than in Germany [Pantaenius].

As a key example in France for Yatchs you are insured in "valeur d'usage" [used value hence "vetuste" will reduce the amount of your claim] while in Germany Pantaenius will insure you for "valeur a neuf" - new value or value to replace.

I requested upfront quotes for round the world and I ended up with 3 prices: Med, Atlantic including Caribbean and then Pacific.

So far so good with no claim to test my choice.

Dominique Guenot

S/V Viva

Opua, New Zealand


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