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Duane Siegfri

I'll tell you all, Pantaenius does not get my recommendation.

We were struck by another boat, while both were at anchor during a windstorm.  I had asked the other boat to move days before and they refused saying they would "keep and eye on it".  The anchorage got very crowded and there was nowhere to go when we were expecting heavy winds.  The night of the heavy winds (35 to 40 knots) they approached my port very close by and I set out fenders in anticipation of a collision.  The next thing we knew they were on our starboard bearing down on us and dragging anchor.  We had a collision on our starboard, the fenders were on port...

It took 3 weeks for Pantaenius to send a surveyor, and now at 6 weeks I'm in a boatyard with the "investigation" phase over (to see if there was structural damage to the hull laminate).  Now, I can't get the claims agent to call me back to schedule the surveyor that the may or may not want to review the hull laminate.  On top of that they won't even state whether this is a covered event!!!  I pasted their letter below.  Would this give you any confidence that they are going to pay the claim?



We acknowledge receipt of your two emails dated February 13th and February 20th, 2017.


We review your comments set forth in your email along with the estimate you provided from Rybovich to determine if the charges are fair, reasonable, loss-related, and covered in accordance with the terms and conditions of your Pantaenius America Yacht Policy.  We have cc’d our assigned surveyor on this matter who will advise as to whether or not a follow-up inspection of the reported damages is required.


I am presently out of the office traveling for work until Friday, February 24th, 2017, but will be occasionally checking my emails from a remote location.


Our claim file remains open, active, and under investigation. The foregoing request and steps taken during our investigation are not intended to be and shall not be construed as an indication or guarantee of coverage.  The foregoing is not an admission of liability and is strictly without prejudice, and all rights , exclusions, and defenses available under the policy and the law are hereby reserved.


Thomas Mullady | Claims 
Pantaenius America 
500 Mamaroneck Avenue|Harrison, NY 10528|United States of America

Dear Tom,

Attached is the estimate for the repairs.  Note that the attached firm price Additional Work Authorization (AWA) is in addition to the previous estimate. 

The repair company noted there was some structural laminate delamination, but it was limited to a few square inches.  They are more than willing to talk to the Surveyor or you if that would be desireable.

This  does not include the yard charges, electric, and holding tank and holding tank connections costs.  We decided to stay on the boat, so that will help keep the insurance claim down.  

Please let me know whether:

1.) The charges are reasonable per the insurance policy, and;
2.) If the surveyor needs to review the damage with the gel coat removed prior to repairs proceeding.  We would like this to happen as immediate as possible to reduce the time in the yard. 

Thank you,



I thought Pantaenius was one of the best in the industry, but their not earning that reputation for me.


Wanderer SM#477

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