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Ian Park

Thought I would just add a couple of excerpts from my correspondence with Y Yachts last year when I changed Ocean Hobo's insurance to them. Perhaps colleagues currently using them might inquire from Barrie how the special Amel policy is coming along? Mine renews in May and I will inquire then.


Ocean Hobo - currently missing this season with senior family illness.


It is normal when purchasing insurance to give a low premium priority, and to assume the cover provided and the service given by yacht insurers to all be the same. Yacht insurers provide very different cover and very different services!

It is also normal to assume that you will never make a claim. However, the premium you pay should ensure you get the best treatment should such an unfortunate event occur. It is better if the claims department of your insurance provider represents you rather than the underwriters.

We would be most grateful if you would acknowledge receipt of this email and your reaction to it would be much appreciated.

With best wishes,




Miss Claire Froggatt Dip CII

(Business Coordinator)


I read with interest the separate policies for Gunfleet and Oyster yachts, based on the build quality of the marque. It might be worth looking also at Amels. They are still totally hand built in La Rochelle. Their build quality is at least equal to Oyster, with the addition of watertight forward and aft cabin doors. The boats are designed to be sailed by a cruising couple and repairable anywhere in the world. The majority are cruised by couples who know, understand and maintain the boats themselves. The Amel owners website on Yahoo is a continuous source of self help amongst owners and a testimony to the almost over engineered quality of the boats. 


I will mention Y Yachts on the Amel site as there are periodic queries about insurance.


Best wishes




Good morning Ian from where I call our French Office (my second home only 80 miles E.S.E. of La Rochelle and the Amel factory)!


Many thanks for your email and welcome on board.


I had an Amel Maramu for more than ten years in the Caribbean and did two Atlantic crossings one a bit early in March with 35kts for 24 hours with gusts of 45kts when my daughter managed 12.5kts down a wave whilst on the helm. She thought she was sailing a dinghy! I have never felt safer on any yacht.


The plan is to have an Amel policy but over the next six months we are going to improve the Oyster and Gunfleet policies and there will also be a Y Yacht Insurance policy 2A.e  The Amel policy will be announced when the even wider cover is available.


My team will be in touch very soon and I send my best wishes -




Barrie Sullivan  (Managing Director)

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