Re: Need to replace Isotemp Basic 40 - how to get it out?

Duane Siegfri

I posted some photo's of the new water heater: .  

As usual I have a few questions!

1.  The hose that connects the cold water to the mixing thermostat connects to 15mm compression male compression threads but has a seal made by a rubber O-ring inside the male threaded fitting.  I posted a photo of it.  Any idea where I could order a longer one?  I'm thinking of mounting the mixing thermostat remotely (wire tie to the cockpit drain).

2.  Where can I find 15 mm compression fittings in the good 'ol USA???

And a bit of advice:  If you are replacing the Isotemp Basic 40, get the one with double coils (for both the main engine and genny cooling water).  This configuration has the hot water out on the upper right WHERE IT IS NOT IN CONFLICT WITH THE COCKPIT DRAIN!!!  See the photos in the above link.

Wanderer, SM#477

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