Re: Fuel tank clean-up

John Clark

What, the Admiral left "piles of crud" in the fuel tank!     Just messing with you Bill  ;)
   Dan, that was a  smart way to clean it up.  My previous owner was adamant about fuel cleanliness and admonished me to keep the main tank as full as possible.  He provided a "baja filter"  and reported that he ran all the fuel in the tank through it.  He filled jerry-cans when he need to refuel and then loaded them through the baja to the tank.  Maybe tedious overkill but he says he never had a fuel issue after 16 years and two circumnavigations. 

With my small boat, in the US, I was caviler with fuel filling as the tank was only 10 gallons and was refilled frequently....but I have lots of memories of fuel issues with the Catalina over the maybe he is onto something.

              Regards,   John

John Clark
Vent de Soleil  SM 037
Le Marin, Martinique

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