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Peter Jaeger

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Bill's solution is brilliant.  That's what I would do.

We never had beautiful B&G analogues, as hull #350 came from the factory with an all-Raytheon cockpit (and an all-Furuno nav table).  So in 2013 we replaced the Raytheon instruments with B&G Triton displays.  The Tritons are amazing, from displaying "analog" gauges, to 10, 20, 30 min historicals, to doing most of what a chart plotter usually does.

Here's what's bad about the Tritons: at night, you set them to night mode: red light on a black background, but the red, which is direct lighting, will still negatively impact your night vision.  So you lower the brightness.  The problem is that when you dim them as much as you need, then you can't really read them!

There are now Triton2 instruments which may have better screens.  Something to consider.


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