[Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Watermaker Dead

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

Hi Ian:

Dessalator told me they had a new board about one year ago that
included automatic fresh water flushing functionality. Is this the
board you are referring to or do they have yet another new board?
When I originally talked to them about the new board they kept
mentioning their new board but focused on the auto flush capability
and really never would confirm that it had salinity sensing capability,
nor would they provide any schematics or documentation. After my
previous experiences with them I had no faith that it would work as

Do you have any documentation on the new board that you would
be willing to share? Does the new board use the existing sensor?

Could you describe for us the tests that you ran to verify the
functionality? My electronic EC sensor system routinely requires
4 -5 minutes of water production before the TDS falls to acceptable
levels and I activate the bypass solenoid to divert water to the
storage tank. Is that about the time you are seeing on your system?
I would like to verify all this myself before I will trust Dessalator
again (once burned twice cautious).

Thanks for the update.


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