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Peter, I did replace my Hydra330 FFD which had no NMEA In/output by an Hercules2000 FFD which has the NMEA connection. It is enough and it has been working fine for five years. I connected it to my NMEA network allowing in particular to sail to the wind with my ST7002 A/P and get magnetic heading from it as well .
If Tinley has no solution you can try at Myles Electronic who supllied mewith this Hercules.
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Email Sarah Pidgley sarah@...

Tell her hi from Bill s/v BeBe.

I think that Sarah is the best one to answer specific questions, but I thought that even early model FFDs had NEMA 0183 OUT & IN. Sarah will tell you. Tinley will repair many B&G components and sometimes has refurbished components for sale. In my experience, Raymarine is great for autopilots, but I believe they are outclassed in most other categories. 

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Thank you Bill, that's realy briliant.

Now, my only speed indication is SOG from GPS and that is good enough. For the Ultra Sonic Speed from NKE, I would have to drill a new hole the get SOW. I think I am quite happy with SOG, even with some log-errors with strong curents. I will contact Tinley. What's the best contact, Sarah was her name?

If I want to upgrade my Hydra System to NMEA, would it be good enough to upgrade ONE FFD or do I have to do that with all components (2xFFD plus Processor)?


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