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James Alton


   Here is what I do:  

1.  Wash/rinse (sometimes with soap if crusty)  the rigging and especially the lower terminals with freshwater to remove salt accumulation.

2.  At least once a year, polish all terminals and as much of the wire as I can reach with a fine metal polish.  (this seems to help a lot in reducing the eventual pitting that often occurs as the rigging ages) 

3.  Apply a coat of good marine wax which often contains silicone such as the Meguiars cleaner wax.  

Besides possibly extending the life of the stainless, this also helps to keep sails and lines clean that rub on the wire when tacking etc.

The idea of spraying the lower terminals/rusty areas with silicone is an interesting idea since it might help keep water from sitting in the terminal.  I will be curious to see what others have to say.  I am installing new ACMO rigging on my Maramu which replaces the original 29 year old wire and fittings that was still in serviceable shape.

Best of luck,

James Alton

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On my old rigging I had rust at the connection where the inox cable entered the terminals, caused by minimal water droplets there. 

Now I have a new rigging from ACMO and want to protect this parts as much as possible. See attached pic. The answer from ACMO was

“You must wash with a plastic brush where you see the little rust, and you can apply some silicon.”

But I know that there are different types of silicon, so before applying silicon I wanted to ask the group what you are doing to avoid water there, maybe you grease the parts?


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