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I saw your photo. 

Since water runs down the wire it will accumulate near the swage fitting and under the plastic. I believe that if you want to use plastic over the wire that there should be about 25mm from the end of the plastic and the swage fitting. This will help you two ways.
  1. Water will not accumulate and the wire-to-fitting area will dry completely
  2. It makes it easy to visually inspect this vulnerable area every time you pass by them.
I hope this helps.

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On my old rigging I had rust at the connection where the inox cable entered the terminals, caused by minimal water droplets there.

Now I have a new rigging from ACMO and want to protect this parts as much as possible. See attached pic. The answer from ACMO was

“You must wash with a plastic brush where you see the little rust, and you can apply some silicon.”

But I know that there are different types of silicon, so before applying silicon I wanted to ask the group what you are doing to avoid water there, maybe you grease the parts?


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