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Where would I not use butyl tape...  that's a good question...

Not for anything permanently under water. Thru-hull fittings and such should have an adhesive sealant. 
Not for sealing things that are routinely exposed to solvents, including diesel and gasoline.

Otherwise, I think pretty much anything goes.  It is compatible with plastics, so it's good for bedding windows and hatches.  When you use it to bed down a plexiglass window if you use enough, and squeeze it out, it is easy to get an attractive seam.

One downside is that since it is non-curing it stays sticky.  That's good on the inside of the joint, but if it is exposed in a wide seam it will attract dirt.

Bill Kinney
SM#160 Harmonie
La Parguera, Puerto Rico

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   I have heard good things about the butyl caulking tape.   I have removed quite a bit of hardware that was bedded with it over the years and don’t recall see many problems but I have not used it much myself to date.  Are there any limitations in where you would use this material?  I hadn’t thought about the shelf life aspect, that alone is a good reason to carry at least some aboard.  I have some of the tape  and will put some in the box of parts I am taking to the boat on the next trip over.

   Yes, I can imagine that trying to migrate a solvent into caulking to soften it would be a slow process.  If the fitting is metal that you want to remove, try heating it up to about 200F.  I find that I can usually  remove the fitting using very little stress so no damage the gelcoat/fiberglass.  It is of course preferable to only heat the metal part,  not the gelcoat/fiberglass since heat will soften that as well.


James Alton
SV Sueno,  Maramu #220
Sardinia,  Italy

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