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If you must go to Guadalupe, Pointe a Pitre Marina at Bas du Fort is your place.

However, there is a reason that Amel moved to Martinique. You will find Martinique very safe and secure as compared to Guadalupe. Although Marina du Marin isn't the best marina in the Caribbean, it offers more value than most. If you are going to stay 10 days or longer, you will find the Marina du Marin's monthly rate cheaper than any other option. Last year it was about 580 euros including electricity (reserve by email to qualify for the monthly rate). Of course, there is the great anchorage of St. Anne outside the marina area.

If you have some flexibility, consider either Martinique, or the possibility of mooring the boat on a mooring at Ile de Saints and your guests taking one of the many ferris from Guadalupe to Ile de Saints.


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Hi all, we have friends coming to visit us in Guadelouope later in April and are looking for recommendations for good marinas and other good things to do with guests there.

Please send any reccos to carlsdan61 at gmail dot com.

Thanks and regards, Dan Carlson
sv BeBe, SM 387

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