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"The Caribbean" is a combination of about 15 independent countries, each with different rules. 

You should register with US SVRS, if you haven't. SVRS allows US citizens clear electronically. SailClear is helpful, but you still have to physically report to officials. SailClear will help you prepare documents. 

As you know, is the best information available. 

The best tool we used to clear into 58 countries was a 1 page Crew List, which we printed on arrival. It included a photo of the boat and about 12 specifications including measurements, engine hp, dinghy info, etc. Also, included was a photo of the photo-page of our passports and all of the identifying information. This crew list accomplished two things: it communicates that you are professional, and it makes the official's job easy. When we checked into a country that needed another piece of information, we added it to our Crew List form. In more than half of the countries, the officials used our Crew List as the official clearance document and we did not have to fill out any form. But, even if you have to fill out their form, the Crew List makes it easy. 

I can email it to you. 

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Does anyone have recommendations for on-line tools such as SailClear for the check-in procedures in the Caribbean? Do they help? Any suggestions on what to use, speed the process and make it easier?



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