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Hi Ian,

Thanks for the suggestion. We keep our boat at Corpus Christi, Texas,
so it does get very hot in the summer. I did switch the charger off
for 24 hours before attempting to restart it with no luck.

I left the boat unattended for 2 weeks with the charger switched on.
Upon my return I noticed quite quickly that it was no longer
generating a charge.

I have found the following dealer in the US One of
their tech's is supposed to call tomorrow. They also do bench
repairs. Did you get your support from Reya by phone or e-mail?


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John I had my charger cease to give any output when the fan failed
the overheat sensor to shut it off. If you are in a hot climate,
have you
allowed it to cool down and se if it starts up for a minute or so?
device above pin 14 of IC1 was the culprit. The markings had been
erased but
I did get some support from Reya. I believe the device was a
mosfet. I
replaced it myself and the charger has worked fine ever since. Of
course it
could have failed for many other reasons, but it would be worth
checking the
fan operation first.


Ian Shepherd SM 414 Crusader

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From: johnabo2003
Date: 08/09/2007 14:44:49
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Dolphin Reya 30 amp charger

I have the 30 amp shore power charger fitted on the 2003 Amel SM.
Yesterday it stopped producing a charge to the batteries. The 100
charger is still functioning correctly.

The LED warning lights of the outside panel are not indicating any
errors. The green on/off light remains on and bright.

After opening the front panel I think I have identified 2 fuses for
the DC output on the lower right hand corner of the board. However
the fuses are hard to access and seem to be a tight fit.

I do not want to damage anything by attempting to replace what I am
not 100% sure are fuses.

Has anybody experienced these symptoms and corrected them by
replacing the fuses, even though the fuse warning light is not on.

If this is not the problem, does anybody know of a service/repair
center in the US?

John Abercrombie SM391

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