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Hi Liz,

We mat in St. John before we sold our SM, BeBe.

I assume that you are saying that there is no bonding connection to the rudder post and quadrant. Is this correct?

Is the boat out of the water?

Answer the above and I will get back to you.


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On Wed, Mar 8, 2017 at 10:44 AM, lisallt2@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...> wrote:

Good Afternoon,

I recently acquired an Amel Santorin and, while an electrician was on board checking an electrical leak, noticed that there appears to be a failure in the bonding system.  The steering system does appear to be protected, however the readings on the engine, drive, and through-hulls indicate that they are not protected.  

Does anyone have a diagram or can someone offer a description of how the bonding system is connected throughout the boat?  Is the engine bonding a separate system from the steering/rudder? I tried following the wiring back, but could not track beyond the aft cabin.

Many thanks,

Lisa Tharpe
S/V Azimuth
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