"C" Drive Lifting Tang

Craig Briggs

After 18 years owning my Santorin I thought I had discovered all the clever Amel features but just stumbled on yet one more. In the engine room overhead directly above the "C" drive "trumpet" (upper gear unit) there's a meaty steel tang that is perfect for attaching a snatch block to lift the trumpet. It does normal duty as the anchor point for tie wraps that hold up the throttle and shift cables. It would have made replacing the O rings on the trumpet so much easier than my jury rigged angled lashing of the trumpet to get it vertical. I'd guess there is a similar structure on the SM's, etc.


Craig Briggs, SN#68 Sangaris, Harbour Isle, Ft. Pierce, FL, US

(across from a 54 anchored in the inlet. Couldn't raise them on VHF)

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