Re: Starboard electric genoa winch got lazy


A new motor is most likely NOT in your immediate future...

First, check to be sure that the motor has power to its terminals when the switch is activated.  If NO then the problem is in the control circuit.

If YES, the motor has full voltage at its terminals and still does not turn, based on your symptoms, I's check the brushes first.  They could be stuck, or worn.

If that is not something you are comfortable doing, remove the motor and take it to any electric motor shop. Short of catastrophic damage from water or other cause, they will almost certainly set it right for way less than the cost of a new motor.

What ever you find wrong with this one, assume the port side winch needs the same treatment. Most likely they have very similar usage hours!

Bill Kinney
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We started a trip about 30 hours ago and the starboard winch performed as usual.  It's been an uneventful trip, no rain, no waves, little humidity.  Have done a couple of easy tacks or jives all along the way in 6-12 knot winds.

Just now we jived and... found out the starboard electric winch makes about one turn and stops, even with no load.  It just stops as if one had taken one's hand off of the switch, no strain, no clicks.  Same behavior whether using the winch's adjacent switch or the pilot's panel switch.

The winch works manually when using a winch handle; all perfect.

Suggestions?  Comments?  In for a new Lewmar electric motor?



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