Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Alternative for not working Sonic Speed sensors


Bill Rouse has a good point.  Just so everybody understands what I did and how it works (and more importantly why it might not work for you!)

My NEW speed sensor (and depth, as well) does NOT connect to my HYDRA directly. They are NOT drop in replacements for the Sonic Speed sensor or B&G depth transducer.

Those new sensors connect to my chartplotter via a NMEA2000 link. The chartplotter does echo the data back to the HYDRA via NMEA 1083, and the HYDRA does display it on the digital screen, but I do not know that the HYDRA can calculate True Wind data using STW from NMEA because I have never looked for it there, my newer instruments handle all that in a more user-friendly way.

If the HYDRA is your sole means of displaying navigation data, I can not assure you it will work with any non-B&G transducer transmitting NMEA1083 data. It might, it might not.  Collecting and transmitting NMEA1083 data is a topic in and of itself...

At this point the only sensor that is connected to my HYDRA is the wind sensor--because it still works!  All my navigation data is displayed on my chartplotter (a B&G Zeus Touch) and on B&G Triton displays.  I would have removed the HYDRA digital display entirely, except for the marvelous job it does plugging the HYDRA shaped hole in the panel!

If you really want to keep the original B&G HYDRA system as your primary backbone for navigation data, you might not find the parts I used suitable.

Bill Kinney
SM#160 Harmonie

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