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I am sure that there are several people that would like to know if your proposal works for a B&G Sonic Speed sensor replacement. Like I said earlier, everyone I spoke to said that it will not, but like several other things involving electronic instrumentation, I found that the majority can be wrong. 

Be sure to report back. 

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To Bill and Bill and Willem and anyone else following this thread....

What I proposed was not a dual speed/depth transducer, but an Airmar ultrasonic speed transducer CS4500, which will fit in the existing depth transducer housing, and which produces an analog output to a connection box that can connect directly to the ultrasonic speed connections on the Hydra computer (there are three connections for speed : sonic transducer, ultrasonic, paddlewheel).
Then as Bill Kinney suggested, I would use a P79 in hull depth transducer, that has the same output as the standard thru hull depth transducer, and connect that to the Hydra computer, in place of the B&G depth transducer.
No NMEA 0183, no NMEA 2000, just direct analog connections. 
Elyse SM437

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