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Hi Ian,

Thank you for your response! Yes, the electrician was aware of the floating negative. He thinks that the wiring from the rudder may have failed somewhere along the line because the engine and through hulls do not appear to be properly grounded. He has suggested running new bonding wire from the rudder stock to the gear box connection. He has verified that there is continuity from there to the engine and through hulls.

Thanks again!


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Was the electrician aware that the Santorin has a floating negative? Amel is one of the few brands that does not have the battery negative connected to the engine. I'm not on my boat now, but I think there is a green and yellow grounding wire coming of the top of the C Drive.

The through hulls should be grounded. Did he check the keel and/ or the copper strap going down into the bilge? This can rot through down at the bottom of the bilge and be unseen. It fastens onto a keel bolt in order to keep the keel grounded.

The Santorin is a great boat. Have fun!

Ian. Ocean Hobo SN96

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