Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Gel Coat Cracks adjacent to the backstays & other assorted questions


Thanks for the info Joel.

I couldn't remember whether they were there or not for sure  Interesting that they cracked through the 2014/15 repair already.  Not much point in fixing them if they just keep reappearing.  You mentioned adding glass on the inside, is that a repair you've seen that works?  It doesn't "sound" like adding a couple layers of glass would be that hard, but if the problem is overly thick gel coat, how would that help?

If overly thick gel coat, which reduces the flexibility of the gel coat, causes the cracking would the real answer be grind off the gel coat at the cracked surface and paint?  Have you seen this done?

I'm thinking of putting a flexible sealant in the cracks where I'm getting some leakage.  That will stop the leak and protect the fiberglass from UV.

Thanks for your input,

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