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Good question...  I actually spread cement on the male connector, and then slide the hose on while the cement is still wet.  double clamping immediately.  It does take some time to dry, and certainly is not "full strength" when done that way but the next day the hose is on tight.  An additional advantage to doing it this way, is the wet cement acts as a lubricant, making it easy to slide the hose on to its full length.  

I put the cement on the male side so that as little as possible ends up inside the hose.  When I put a hose on this way it is not easy to remove, but it is possible--which is what I am looking for.

I have never felt the need to do this with "barbed" fittings but the smooth male connectors Amel uses seem like they need more than just clamps.

Bill Kinney
SM#160, Harmonie
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One last question on using contact cement to join the unbarbed connections.

Do you spread it on both surfaces and allow it to become tacky before joining as usual?  Usually contact cement bonds on contact so how can you slide the hose onto the pipe?  Do you just spread it on the pipe, slide the hose on while still wet?

Normally I would go get some scrap pipe and try it out, but I'm on foot in the boatyard and Home Depot is a long walk.

Wanderer, SM#477
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