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Alexandre Uster von Baar

Hello Jeff,

Going to echo Mark.

I stayed at Blue Haven Marina for 2.5 months, was only going to stay 2 to 3 weeks because of the price, but the marina was so nice, the only 5 star marina I stayed in (better than Atlantis in Nassau) and they also gave me a better price as I stayed longer (talk to Adam or Porcia).

At the time I did not feel confortable (even with a pilot going to Turtle Cove), but since several Super Maramu went.

With Blue Haven, you will get “Free shuttle” to towns and many other amenities that they don’t advertise such as free shuttle and full access to Alexandria and the Beach House… The Beach House will load you (no charge) hobby cat, paddle board, snorkeling equipment, bring you tea and pastries… at no charge… also free shuttle to the fish fry on Wednesday… The customs & emigration also came on site… I can go on and on…
Note: if you stay less than 7 days: no need for cruising permit ($300) if you plan on staying more then $300 valid for 3 months.
DO NOT pay for the “anchoring permit” they will try to charge you, it is for vessel over 20 meters.

From Blue Haven, grocery shopping will be far walking, I have a bicycle so was never an issue: 15 min away.

Regardless of where you stay, I think you will love Providenciales, the nicest beach and the bluest water.

Sincerely, Alexandre
Harbor View Marina, Tortola, BVI


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You have two
options. It depends on how much money you want to spend. The
lower price option
is Turtle Cove at $0.85 per foot per day for the monthly
rate or Blue Haven at $1.75
per foot per day.


Both are accessible
with a 7’ draft. Turtle Cove will send a pilot boat out at
no-charge to guide
you in (recommended) - you will need high tide. The IGA
store (grocery) is about
one mile from Turtle Cove and a cab ride from Blue Haven.
Blue Haven has a
small store on site with some groceries. Turtle Cove is a
Port of Entry/Exit. Blue
Haven can arrange entry.


With best





Sailing Vessel
- Cream Puff - SM2K - #275

cruising – Great Exuma Island, Bahamas



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Good Morning Amelians,

I'm looking for recommendations on where to pick up a
slip in Provenciales.
I see there are a couple of options.

I plan to slide down there in a month, and leave Spirit
there for a month or
so before pressing onward, towards Trinidad.

Any feedback is appreciated.



Jeff Spiriut Amel 54 #14

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