Looking for diagram or part number

Steve Morrison <steve_morrison@...>

Hi all,

I am at home in Cincinnati (away from SM #380), and have the gearbox to the mainmast furler on the counter here as I try and disassemble it, clean it out, lubricate it and change out bearings. Do any of you have a diagram of the gearbox, know the part number and manufacturer of the gearbox, or have experience opening up and overhauling the gearbox that can share some information.

I tried to have Lauderdale Battery repair the motor on this unit but they were unable to and so as I await a replacement from Maud, I thought I would clean, lubricate, reseal, and paint the gearbox. Also looking into installing grease fittings on the gearbox as others have mentioned. Any assistance or photos from your own tinkering would be useful.

Also Maud has said that the original Leroy Somer motor is not available thugh they have a suitable replacement motor that she has ordered for me. Doe anyone have this newer/different motor on their Super Maramu?

All the best,
Steve Morrison
SM #380
Brunswick, Georgia

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