Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Xantrex battery monitor

John Clark

Hi All,
Bill Rouse is right to warn us about the interrelated nature of the systems on our yachts. My boat has AGM batteries and has had them through several replacement cycles over the last 16 years. She is an older SM which has a functioning shaft alternator that charges batteries while sailing, and works great. Additionally there is a belt driven alternator on the main engine...and two 220v powered battery chargers that need to be started in a sequence to play nice together. Previous owner left lots of instructions ...which were developed over the nearly two decades of ownership. The chargers are programed for AGMs and to talk to each other.
The cabling is set up and sized for maximum charge rate....if I changed to lithium batteries the chargers would require reprogramming...if they even have a lithium battery charge profile, the alternators would need new regulators that monitor charge state of batteries, the battery bank monitor would surly need to be replaced, and the cabling would need upsizing to take advantage of the high amp charge abilities of lithium batteries.

All that said if I had a blank slate and had to build from scratch...perhaps I would try lithium but not now when I would have to toss perfectly functional infrastructure.

By the way. The shaft alternator at 8kts carried the load of the full nav suit, two frig/freezers, radar, and an ice maker...yes I like my glacons. Does anyone know if allowing the propeller shaft to free spin causes appreciable wear to the c drive seals and bushings?

John Clark
SV Vent de Soleil SM 37
Le Marin, Martinique

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