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hanspeter baettig

Absolutely I agree

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Hello Hanspeter. I am curious where your 2/3  circumnavigation idea came from? When viewed in totality, Bill has generously provided more useable information to this group than the next two very worthy contributors combined. Let's hope that all the experienced and the slightly less than experienced members can always continue to add useful information to this site.

Yes, I am a cheer leader for the BeBe team. They deserve it.


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Thats a new one , exellent, not ruined my sails, so I get the engine on. Yes, of course in the doldroms , I motored  the 200 sm to catch the tradwinds. Ok let it be.
You are and you still will be with your wife  a superbe dream team with a outstanding 2/3 circumnavigation, bravo, and pls don't stop writing your knowhow in this forum.
Tamango 2, SM16
Licata, Sicily,It

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Remember, I am the guy that is 100% Amel and I am also the guy that warns of change...My job is a hard job, but somebody has to do it.

400 hours/year comes from cruising 12 months a year, and actually going places around the world - without ruining sails which are just as expensive as an engine. Most of the people that I know with low engine hours have ruined sails and/or low annual miles. You are probably an exception.

Maybe one day, you will catch up with me. 🤔


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Ho Bill
you are serious I knew
an average of 400 h engine per year for bluewater sailing; means about 2400 nautical miles with engine in a year, I never did that... ok, fair ,different people different things, 
and pls be not so hard with your opinions to all others, mainly new SM owners, not for us oldys even from the source of Amel.. technology changes quickly 
so Lithium batteries are a thema which we have to consider. Nothing to do with batterie chargers, alternator, electronic monitors etc. even the price will drop essentially in the forecoming years. 
It will be the future .
(I do not have any business relations or i'm not (yet) a shareholder of Tesla 😉)
Fair wind to all
Tamango 2
SM 16
Licata, Sicily

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The other side of the lithium issue for an Amel built for cruising: 

We all need to take extreme care when considering changing the design of integrated systems by changing one component of the system.

The batteries are one component of a system which contains:
  • Batteries
  • Engine driven alternator and regulator
  • Generator or shore power driven battery chargers
  • Battery Monitoring devices
  • Possible shaft driven alternator and regulator
  • Possible Solar and/or wind with regulators
Yes, lithium is great and could be great in an Amel, albeit, not as available or safe as what we have. But, if lithium batteries are not integrated into the boat with correct chargers, regulators, alternators, MPPTs, etc., you could create a huge problem. And, if lithium is properly integrated into an Amel, how much does it cost to change everything? To get all of the advantages of a 660 amp 24VDC lithium house bank wouldn't you have to have 300 amps @ 24VDC chargers?

But, most Amel owners are cruisers. Amels have generators which will be run with regular frequency to power convenience items like clothes washers, watermaker, etc...a great time to charge and/or top-off your conventional batteries. The main engine is also run with frequency by cruisers on Amel yachts (averaging about 400 hours/year)...this also tops off the batteries. Some Amels have solar and/or wind charging systems which charge at a slow pace, but for hours...not what a lithium battery wants, but fine for what we have.

I own lithium batteries. They are in my tablet, phone, laptop, camera, etc. 

I would never recommend the extensive change in the boat's electrical system that lithium batteries would require.



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Late to the party here Thomas. I just came across a youtube video by Gone with the Wynns talking extensively about Lithium Iron batteries. Sounds very attractive, especially the shorter charging times, lighter  weight, consistent output, etc.etc .etc. Price is still high.

Here's a link to a solid company that appears to have excellent customer service and international support:

I'm still 4.5 years away, so I can't share direct experience. But here is a blog post with more info from the Wynns:

At the bottom of this post is a link to another very tech blog couple, technomadia, who are switching from RV to boat. They go into very great details about numbers (also their cell info as well as WiFi stuff is great).

Anyway - hope this helps and is relevant.


Rick Gutierrez
Los Angeles, CA

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