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Hi all,

We are looking into the possible purchase of an Amel 54, preferably 2008-2010 model located in the Med.

As I look at the various boats available the option of a "Comfort Pack" or a "Comfort Plus Pack" are sometimes noted. Do these options contain different things, or are they one and the same with different terminology? 

I cannot find anything definitive from Amel, but heresay would seem to indicate that a "Comfort Plus Pack" contains the following:

- 4 additional batteries (giving a total of 13 batteries, 630 Ah @ 24 V), 

- 220V/24V @ 30A charger, 

- a dual Racor fuel filter with vacuum gauge,

- a high pressure freshwater pump with cockpit hose, 

- 24V/110A  alternator on the motor,

  - an "upgraded" diesel generator (whatever that means)

Is a "Comfort Pack" something less than this?

I would really appreciate if someone could confirm or correct this information.

My current boat is a Beneteau 423 which has a fantastic owners forum on Yahoo Groups, so I was delighted to discover this Amel forum is also so active.

Thanks in anticipation.


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