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Re: Question number 1 - Run the generator to use the bow thruster?????




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Thanks all for the input. We are off the boat now and haven't made a decision yet. We need to work more numbers to see if it starts to make economic sense. 


Regarding compatibility, our 54 is fitted with 2 matervolt chargers (100A and 40A) and the alternator is mastervolt too. The LiFePO4 offering from mastervolt says this is all compatible and just a matter of configuring the various components to work together. The concept of MasterBus is quite attractive too; an easy way to monitor the whole lot. 


Remaining questions are:


1. Capability to run the bow thruster safely from those batteries. (We are amel newbies and follow the rule to run the generator when using the bow thruster. Curious to hear your views on the one.)


2. starter battery. As Bill have said, its quality is about CCA. I understand lead is definitely better on that front, but is it advisable to mix types....


3. The case of solar. We are keen to add solar panels. We have simpsons davitts and we are considering adding an arch on top of them to support the panels (seen something similar on the recently sold 54 "Bel Ami", if someone has a contact for them, that'd be great). Probably can fit 3 large ones there, so 700+ watts. Need to check if that makes sense. Ideally we would be self sufficient electricity wise and run the generator for watermaking only. 


4. overall capacity. The mastervolt comes in 180Ah. So 2 or 3? I need to write a full list of consumption and work it out. 



Regarding access to support, it's a bit murkier. (The Symms seem to have negative view of Mastervolt but I've just come across them and I'll discount their views until I'm convinced of their integrity. Maybe they didn't get goodies from them and badmouth them as a result. The problem with funding one's lifestyle with 'reviews' and shoutouts.)

I hope the generalisation of lithium batteries will make access to support more widely available. Mastervolt is rather global by the looks of it. Worse come to the worse, it's always possible to 'downgrade'  back to lead. 


When I get to a conclusion I'll share the analysis that lead there. Obviously happy to hear more thoughts. 





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