Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Xantrex battery monitor

Sv Garulfo

Ok let me clarify that immediately. 

Last year while on our search for a 54 in the med we visited one of the first ones to be built. When showing us the bow sail locker where the bow thruster is encased, the guy (not the owner, the broker rep) told us that Amel fitted a big red emergency circuit breaker on later versions of the 54 following a few incidents whereby the relay melted and the bow thruster would drive the boat into a spin at a rather unfortunate moment. And that was due to low voltage on the batteries leading to high current to deliver the power. The conclusion given was; Always run the gen and 100A charger when running the bow thruster. 
When finally onboard our own (a later version) we had enough stuff to work out to experiment the reality of that lesson. I did wonder why the alternator wouldn't be enough to feed the power to the thruster, but figured that maybe the low power from the engine in neutral/dead slow was the explanation. 

I'm obviously very happy to have misunderstood the whole thing and happy to relegate this idea in the myth department. 

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