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Hello Everybody. The way ‘auctions’ like this usually work is the entire boat is sold off to the highest outright bidder once any reserve/minimum acceptable amount has been surpassed. If the reserve is not met, sometimes the seller will agree to accept the highest bid received or often they don’t sell and offer it for purchase through brokers who specialize in selling troubled boats. I have never seen one offered for auction where it could be bought piecemeal .


I sold Ross the boat and it indeed was one of the last built. Ross did right by the boat and put a new Yanmar engine in the boat, re-rigged her with the guys I know and trust in Fort Lauderdale. The kind of damage the boat received is essentially unrepairable. Even if you could get ‘close’ to making the boat structurally complete, it could not be considered a safe and sound ocean voyager. It is truly a crying shame for the boat to die this way. Ross seems over the big part of the hurt and I am sure he will find his way back to the sea again. He will always be a member of our extended  Amel family.


This boat would be ideal for someone with a Maramu with ‘good bones’  that needs a comprehensive rigging  refit and a repower. Word to the wise, go see the boat before the auction if you think you could be interested!!


All The Best, Joel


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   What a tragic post to read,  I am so sorry for your both your monetary and the loss of a vessel that must have been important to you.


   My Maramu did not come with a seat at all.  If there is any chance of purchasing or acquiring a seat it would be a big help to me.  I would also be interested in the Mizzen rigging since I am close to placing an order.


 Please  put me on the list to keep updated.  My email is Lokiyawl2 at


James Alton

SV Sueno,  Maramu #220

Ble bid is

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Maramu owners,

Hello all, My Maramu was toasted at the dock on new years day when the two motorboats next to Eyes of the World burned. The burned area is on the port side where the main's chainplates are, the deck above and propane locker and windshield corner. The insurance company has totaled the boat and it will go to salvage. The shock and awe of the devastation and the self pity/self hate of being und! er insured is still lingering. Joel Potter was the first to give me the bad news that it was a gonner and although I have gotten estimates, they are all open ended until the hull is exposed to really examine and assess the full damage. The hull will never be as strong as original and I hope someone does not cosmetically repair and injure someone in the future when the rig fails. If you are looking for a bargain Maramu project boat then this is not the one! However if you want to update an older one then when this comes to salvage it m ay be good to add to your hull. The rigging was replaced 3 years ago and mast motors rebuilt, it was one of the last 48's built so all the latest was in it. The boat was rewired with all new 230v,120v and 12v panels and a new Yanmar 75 HP Turbo engine and trans.

If anyone is interested let me know and I'll try to keep an eye on the salvage location or future auction for you  as I hope these parts get a chance to go around the world as I intended them to. 

Keep Your Insurance Valuation Up To Date!!!!!!  

I will be in the market for a new replacement Maramu next year so let Joel know if you are intending to sell.

I will continue to monitor this group even though I am now "between" Amels...thanks for reading.

Best Regards,


X- Eyes of the World

Maramu #261





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