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Hello John 391,
I do not know, I asked them to do it as I fail to see why a model sold in thousands could be improved by Amel who do not seem the best at electronics, vide watermaker, uninterfaced B&G with Raymarine and the bank of resistors under the chart table to reduce 24 volts to 12 instead of using an electronic convertor.
Incidentally I omitted to add that the D1 model has 5 LEDs in a line and the D2 6 in a semi circle.

Regards from John319

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Thanks for the info. I will e-mail Lucy tomorrow. I have been told by
the Reya support office in the US, that the unit can be reset by
disconnecting and reconnecting the 24v and 220v cables. This seems a
bit strange to me but I will give it a try.

First I will recheck the fuses. If I send it back to the factory for
repair, what was the alteration that you had done to make it standard?

Regards John SM391

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> There are several versions of the Dolphin chargers. Mine,which are
Dolphin 1 (2000/2001). Dolphin 2 was brought in around 2002 or 3 and
I think there is a later version. There is or was an Irish girl at
Reya's,who, if you will excuse the expression, speaks and writes
perfect English. I found her very helpful. Her address I had my 50amp Mk 1 repaired at the factory
and also altered so that it is a standard unit like the thousands
they sell to other people. I removed the board from the casing and
sent back by ordinary post to France and got it back in the UK.
> So far as I recall they did not charge for the repair possibly
because there was a two year warranty.
> The fuses were not welded in on my unit, they came out after a
little juggling with pliers. They are normal European automobile type
and he actual fuse wire can be seen without removing them as it is a
wire at the top.
> The instructions for the latest type are available on the Reya
website. I have a copy of the Dolphin 2 version but not the one for
my earlier one. The D2 has six LEDs and has an equalisation stage. It
seems that it also has an 8 position switch so that it can be altered
to give the correct charge to 8 types of batteries.
> I will post the D2 gen in the files section in about a months time
when I am back on broadband and not being robbed by Vodaphone for my
cell phone connection, assuming that noone else has done so in the
> Best wishes, John SM319
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> Hi Patrick,
> Thanks for the info, I am glad I did not force the fuses out now.
> now have the address for a US dealer, so I will contact them
> what support is offered.
> Unfortunately my charger is out of warranty, and I am not sure if
> repair will end up costing more than a straight replacement.
> Regards
> John
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> >
> > Hi John,
> >
> > I had same problem on my 50 Amps Dolphyn charger, just after 18
> > month. I was not able to replace main fuses because they
> > were "welded" on.
> >
> > Amel decided to replace charger under warranty. So
unfortunately, I
> > have not suggestion, but this problem is known.
> >
> > Patrick - Caramel - SM2000#329
> >
> > °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°
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> > wrote:
> > >
> > > I have the 30 amp shore power charger fitted on the 2003 Amel
> > > Yesterday it stopped producing a charge to the batteries. The
> > amp
> > > charger is still functioning correctly.
> > >
> > > The LED warning lights of the outside panel are not
> any
> > > errors. The green on/off light remains on and bright.
> > >
> > > After opening the front panel I think I have identified 2
> for
> > > the DC output on the lower right hand corner of the board.
> However
> > > the fuses are hard to access and seem to be a tight fit.
> > >
> > > I do not want to damage anything by attempting to replace
what I
> am
> > > not 100% sure are fuses.
> > >
> > > Has anybody experienced these symptoms and corrected them by
> > > replacing the fuses, even though the fuse warning light is
not on.
> > >
> > > If this is not the problem, does anybody know of a
> > > center in the US?
> > >
> > > Regards
> > > John Abercrombie SM391
> > >
> >
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