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Did you go through the Hydra setup for the gauges? This is the process that assigns gauge "A" data "X"?

Let me know. 

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Well, hesitated to write before I figured it out, but have an ongoing saga that just seems to beat the odds.

The Boat Speed dial did not have a backlight ... dang it, I wanted a back light!  So, being the intrepid sort I thought I'd take the thing apart and figure it out.  Nope, too deep and too sppoky for me so I packaged it up and mailed it off to Tinley in Merry Old England.

Now, the package arrived just a day before we were to set sail on an Annapolis to BVI crossing so I had o opportunity to set it in place until we got down the Chesapeake to Hampton.  I installed it and all seemed well, ... except it didn't work.  Well, ... the back light worked so I got what I wanted, but the trade-off was that it didn't move. Ah well, not critical.  The packaging had been mangled so I presumed it took a bad shot in mailing and needed to be re-repaired. T he opportunity did not present itself in Hampton, and the fellow who does these gauges in the BVI was too swamped to even talk to me so I wrote to Tinley and they said they would warranty the work. Then I found out how much it would cost to ship it and decided to hang on to it until I gt to Martinique.

In Martinique the shop took it in and for pretty much the same money that it would've cost to ship it ti England put a repair on it.  He swore that the instrument bench tested OK, but as we were sailing away it went to 6.5 kts and froze, then swung around to zero and then to 11kts and froze ...  

So, somehow we managed without it clear across the Atlantic and I just had it looked at it again here in Turkey.

"The display is fine", he says. But it does not work.

So, after digging around, doing a reset and setting the appropriate numbers into the computer I still have no results and am wondering what is my next step.

Is there a chart or table with the reference voltages or signals from the computer to the analog dial?  The digital readout on the Hydra 2000 works fine and always has so should I presume that the gauge is indeed still faulty, or is it bugged because the system was operated so long without the gauge that the computer has given up trying to tell its story?  

Can I do anything else in the way of reset/reboot to see if it 'finds' the gauge again? Is there any way to determine if there is signal (sin/cos) to the gauge?  

Guess I can just pay a tech to come tell me what the easy way is (replacement) but I'd rather solve this one without a big price tag right now, 

For the record, our dinghy, with a Torqueedo on it and lashed to the boat about 4 feet from the bow will generate nearly 6 kts of apparent boat speed while we're in the slip :)  That's a cool way to not have to go sailing to test things.

Thanks in advance!!

Gary W

SM 209, Adagio

Fethiye, Turkey

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