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Ian Shepherd

Hi Gary,

I will try and take a photo next week. I am rather busy this weekend as a
gliding instructor, and hopefully a quick visit to Doodlebug in Limassol. I
hope that a photo taken in it's housing box will be sufficient? I have a
good camera that will take close ups.

I only had e-mail correspondence with a Mr Peter Wolstenholme, who works for
Dessalator's sub contractor. If I pass on his e-mail address to you, I would
prefer to outside of this forum. You can e-mail me at crusader53 AT gmail
com or sv_freespirit AT

I really don't know why the membranes failed so early. I thought it may have
been an o-seal failure, but changing all of them had no effect. I have also
had two failures of the end caps. It would seem that high pressure water has
been getting past the seals on the cross connector tube and eroding the
nylon material to such an extent that a serious leak occurred on both
occasions. My third set of end caps are made of a new black material. I hope
that these will be more resilient.

I may consider relocating the membrane assembly to overhead the Gen-set.
Their present location in the far left corner makes for difficult access,
especially as I have a 110/220V transformer there that restricts access

I looked at the diagram you posted. Looks really professional Gary. Well


Ian SM 424 Crusader

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From: amelliahona
Date: 09/10/07 18:34:32
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Watermaker Dead

Hi Ian:
Thanks for your reply. Wonderful to hear how well the new board is working.
A couple of questions:

"I am not sure if my new board does contain an automatic reverse flush or
I received no documentation. "

Would it be possible to post a photo on this site of the new board? Feel
free to
put it in the Dessalitor Technical Folder. I have posted a wiring diagram
in that file of the new board that was provided to me by Dessalator.

Thanks for the description of your tests. Well done.

" When I spoke with their sub contractor (an Englishman), "

Could you please provide a phone number so that I could contact him?

"Incidentally, the failed one(s) lasted only 13 months, even with
meticulous back flushing."

Any thoughts on why the seeming premature failure?

Thanks again for your input.


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